Normally known for our wide variety of educational workshops related to nature and the animal kingdom, Zoolab, have actually been carrying out healthy eating workshops for 10 years! Taking place in your Home Economics or  Food Technology department, The JunkFood Roadshow, is designed to reinforce dietary targets and shows easy ways of achieving them. We investigate the undecipherable manufacturer’s ingredients list whilst recreating that old freezer faithful – the beef burger. We then make the burger (with a big shock along the way!) but no one would want to eat it when you discover what actually goes into it! To counter act the ‘bad burger’ we demonstrate how easy it is to create a very tasty fast food that all teenagers are very familiar with. It will count towards their daily dietary targets and everyone gets to taste it at the end of the workshop.


The JunkFood Roadshow costs £99 plus VAT per fifty minute session or £495 plus VAT for five, fifty minute sessions. 


The JunkFood Roadshow is available all across the UK.


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