Let's talk about: August

Welcome to our new team members!

Liora James, ZooLab’s new London Ranger, started training August 2019

Welcome Liora! “Going out in the community and seeing how animals can change a persons perspective and make them smile is so rewarding."

Interesting Fact: Liora is a snow boarder and pro-jumper. She also loves trampolining. 

Matt Webster, ZooLab’s new Luton Ranger, started training August 2019

Welcome Matt! “Scorpions are my favourite ZooLab animals. I have always been intrigued and fascinated by them!"

Interesting Fact: Matt has previously worked as a personal trainer, fitness coach and class instructor.

Katie West, ZooLab’s new Stansted Ranger, started training August 2019

Welcome Katie! “I studied Media at college, but my real passion has always been animals and I knew that my dream was to work with them."

Interesting Fact: Katie's passion for animals carries on into her free time - she breeds hamsters and pet sits for other animal lovers.

Welcome to our new animal members!

Ranger Lauren has welcomed three new additions to her team - Leopard gecko, Yoshi and fluffballs, Honey and Beatrice.

Our followers on social media helped name Ranger Heather's new additions. Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm hand for... *insert drumroll here* Thelma & Louise!

Ever seen a cockroach give birth?! Ranger Tristan's cockroach has has one or two babies! Move over Octo-mum!

Happy Anniversary to Ranger Anya's bearded dragon who celebrated his first ZooLab birthday last month!

Read All About It!

24 Housing, United Living brings Zoolab to children in Croydon’

Below are a selection of locations that we are visiting in September, please check with each venue for times and ticket information.

  • National History Museum, London will be getting up close to Phil's creatures on 4th and 13th Sept

  • We will be celebrating STEM learning at Bang Goes The Borders, Melrose on 21st Sept

  • Appleby Park Hotel, Tamworth welcomes Sarah’s exotic animal team on 21st Sept

  • Roseneath Castle Park, Helensburgh will see the return of Owen and his team on 28th Sept

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