Our amazing planet is so diverse!

Our Diverse Planet

Did you know that we share Earth with an estimated 5.3 million - 1 trillion different species? Our planet is so diverse that it makes it impossible to give an exact amount - who knows what is left to be discovered! 

It is that endless possibility that keeps us fascinated! At ZooLab, we love uncovering and educating others about the diversity of our planet and all that lives there - from the depths of the Rainforest to the unforgiving polar regions. 

We have picked out 4 fantastic ZooLab workshops to help you to explore this wonderful topic. 


Nature is a carefully balanced ecosystem which supports a wide variety of life through it’s biodiversity. This workshop uses ZooLab animals to illustrate how animals effect and are affected by changes through habitat destruction, pesticides and illegal animal trade. We also look at the Rainforest, and highlight the diversity of arachnids, insects and amphibians.

Habitats and Adaptations 

​This workshop introduces pupils to different habitats from around the world that include tropical rainforests, deserts, polar regions and oceans. This hands-on workshop looks at three great survivors; rats, cockroaches and humans and considers how and why they have survived. 

Biomimetics & Amazing Adaptations

​This fascinating session will look at a section of complex behaviours from the animal world including Batesian mimicry, parthenogenesis and camouflage! What can humans learn from these marvels? Find out how nature-inspired solutions are influencing scientific, medical and engineering discovery.

Rainforest Unwrapped

The rainforest is a cornicopia of resources. It supplies us with a plethora of items that we take for granted - wood, medicine and food - but at what price? This hands-on workshop delves into life in the rainforest and looks at how we’re depleting these resources. Can we reverse this man-made effect through recycling and sustainability? Pupils learn how making a few small changes to our lives, we can help ensure the preservation of this fascinating habitat for years to come.

Click here to find out more about our workshops! Call us now on 0845 330 6322 or email to book of any of the above or to discuss any other bespoke service you require.

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