Anya joined ZooLab in 2018 and works in Doncaster and the surrounding areas. 

Name: Anya Wiltschinsky

Licence Number: AA34844

Experience: Anya has previously worked at a livery yard and riding school. She also used to teach music. Working for ZooLab brings together her love of both animals and teaching. 

About: “My favourite thing about being a ZooLab Ranger is getting to visit so many new places and helping others have new and exciting experiences. I’m a massive lover of animals and to be able to work with them on a daily basis is a dream come true. 

My favourite animals have to be my snakes -Prince, the royal python and Scarlett, the corn snake.”

Interesting Fact: It’s not just small animals Anya likes - she has a horse called Cuba. Anya is also a talented musician; in her spare time she sings and plays the guitar and the piano. 

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