Barry joined ZooLab in 2014 and works in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. 

Name: Barry Anderson

Experience: Barry has a BSc (HONS) Psychology degree from University of Lincoln and has previously worked with birds of prey  at the Woodside Wildlife Park in Lincolnshire.

About: “Working for ZooLab gives me a chance to educate people whilst working closely with my animals. I am extremely interested in broadening minds and informing people through animal handling.

My favourite ZooLab animals are my female rats. Rats are very intelligent and very social, which means they are always willing to learn new tricks, although they haven’t mastered the Rubik’s cube yet!"

Interesting Fact: Barry loves all types of animals, real and fictional alike - he’s a Pokémon Master!

0845 330 6322 

ZooLab UK Head Office: Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert, United Kingdom,  FK5 4EG