Name: Bearded dragon 

Scientific Name: Pogona

Class: Reptilia  

Threats: Loss of habitat

Distribution: Australia

Habitat: Subtropical woodland, desert, scrubland and savannah

Appearance: The 'beard' is actually rows of spiny scales which can expand and change color when the animal is threatened

Diet & Feeding: Bearded dragons are omnivorous - they feed on vegetation, invertebrates and in the wild they will also prey upon small lizards

Social Behaviour: Bearded dragons are normally solitary creatures. When they do congregate in the wild a hierarchy can be observed

Males and females: Males are brighter and have a larger head

Lifespan: 10 - 15 years

Number of young: 11 - 30 eggs in a clutch 

Interesting fact: Hello? It isn't a greeting - waving is normally a sign of submission

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