ZooLab gives back.

ZooLab's ambitions go beyond the UK. We want to support well organised conservation efforts wherever we can, like this project by Nkombi Volunteer Programme which highlights the issue of poaching in South Africa. 

ZooLab have built up an excellent relationship with Mankwe Wildlife Reserve, a 4750 hectare reserve situated in the North West Province of South Africa, approximately 5km east of Pilanesberg National Park.

Visiting Mankwe gives ZooLab staff the chance to discover the fascinating flora and fauna of Africa. The intention for our first trip in 2017 was to gather information and resources for our animal handling sessions, whilst gaining an insight into the conservation issues faced here. For the staff who have visited this turned into something so much more.

Rhino numbers across the world are falling dramatically, a big part of this is due to poaching. After spending the week with Dr. Lynne MacTavish and her team at Mankwe and hearing their stories, our Rangers came to understand the daily struggles that come with protecting this endangered species from the dangers of poachers. Our team all felt compelled to take action and raise awareness of the issues faced which could easily bring both the black and white rhino to extinction.

So far, ZooLab have donated nearly £4,000 to help Mankwe’s anti-poaching efforts and horn trimming programme. Every year we send a team of staff across to volunteer and learn more about the plight that the Rhinos face. It truly is a life changing experience for all involved.