Rhys joined ZooLab in 2019
and works in Surrey and
the surrounding areas. 

Name: Rhys Whiteside

Experience: Rhys is both new to ZooLab and working with animals. After spending some time volunteering at a local zoo, he decided that he'd love to do it full time!

About: “I believe that education is key. My job at ZooLab allows me to educate the public about a whole range of wonderful exotic animals and the conservation issues surrounding them. 

This is my first job working with animals but after volunteering at a zoo I knew it was something I wanted to do more of!"

Interesting Fact: If you think that Rhys looks familiar, that's because he's an actor and has travelled all over the UK performing in shows including Alice in Wonderland, The Importance of Being Earnest and The Jungle Book.

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