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Whether you are a private individual or working as a teacher in a school or as a manager in a business or organisation, ZooLab can help you to realise your objectives in ways that are truly imaginative, memorable
and effective. 


From April 1st 2019, anyone exhibiting animals in England should hold an Animal Activities Licence which ensures that they are providing the best levels of animal welfare and care, are regularly inspected by their local authority and are working with local councils to ensure high levels of health and safety, with all necessary policies, procedures, insurances and risk assessments in place. For more information, please click here.

ZooLab - here, there and everywhere


As the UK’s number 1 animal handling experience company, we and our ‘animal colleagues’ work with you in schools, care homes, companies and organisations across the UK to help you to realise your training and communications aims and achieve your goals.

With a national network of rangers, a diverse ‘animal team’ and a full in-house customer service team, we also work with leading high-street names to deliver their community outreach programmes.

On an individual level too, we can work with you to make an ordinary event become an extraordinary one – from birthdays to retirement parties.

ZooLab makes it happen

Caribbean Hermit Crab

ZooLab offers fascinating animal handling experiences in a whole range of contexts: from pre-school to primary and secondary years; and from businesses to organisations of all shapes and sizes.  

You might be a teacher in a school trying to get children to understand complex biological, social or engineering concepts – or a manager or a member of communications teams in a company that needs to deliver a training session, explain change management or host a 'winning' corporate event for clients.  Then again, you might be a care home manager looking to improve your care by providing innovative, sensory experiences for your residents.

ZooLab for everyone

Call us on 0845 330 6322 Email info@zoolabuk.comZooLab is for people of all ages and in all places.
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and see how we can help you to make that vital
difference and create some real ‘animal magic’.

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