Anti-Bullying Workshop



ZooLab visit over 10,000 schools a year across the UK.  We witness first-hand the effect bullying can have on pupils but also see the fantastic work schools do to prevent bullying.


Bullying affects lots of young people and happens in many schools but it's the way it's dealt with which makes the difference between life being tolerable or a misery for many.

Choose Respect

Domesticated RabbitsWorking hand in hand with a group of PSHE teachers, ZooLab have created a very special Anti-Bullying Workshop that uses animal handling to help teachers to communicate key anti-bullying messages.

It’s a story based workshop for EYFS - KS2 that highlights the dangers of bullying and promotes the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s 2018 theme of ‘Choose Respect’. During these workshops pupils will explore relationships, social conflict, diversity and feelings while examining the issue of bullying, the motivations that lead to this type of behaviour and what can be done to help our peers.


Working With Teachers Hand in Hand

Cane Toad


We follow the story of Boogie the rat - now he may look like a sweet, cute little ball of fluff but he’s a bully. Throughout the week, Boogie is cruel to Margaret the snail because she is slow and slimy and makes fun of Arthur the cockroach because he eats rotten food. There is a twist in the tale – we start to find out why Boogie is a bully. The point of this story isn’t to tell you that Boogie is a bad individual and he’s horrible all the time. It’s to tell you just how easy it is to become a bully yourself.

We must choose respect and kindness, even when we’re angry and hurt. On completion of the workshop, all participants will receive a special ‘Choose Respect’ sticker.



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