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Ready, Set, Go!

Ages 3 - 7

EYFS, KS1. Early Years, First Stage.

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: ZooLab is on the hunt for the athlete of all animal athletes this summer! The annual Naturetown sports day is here, and our animals are ready to put their best foot (or scale) forward to save the Rainforest. 


This year's summer library story follows a selection of ZooLab's animals competing to champion four challenges - long jump, javelin, gymnastics and relay. Whose adaptations will place them leagues ahead? 


However, all is not what it seems. Our characters soon realise there is 'no I in team' as they must work together to expose a saboteur in their rank to win the competition fair and square. 

Animals used in this workshop

Key Workshop Objectives

  • Introduce children to a variety of different exotic animals 

  • Encourage listening, participation and imagination 

  • Discuss characteristics and adaptations of different animals 

  • Learn fun facts about each animal

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This workshop includes FREE RESOURCES!