Name: Giant African land snail 

Scientific Name: Achatina fulica

Classification: Gastropod

Lifespan: 6-10 years

Threats: Hermit crab, coconut crab and some bird species

Distribution: East Africa

Habitat: Forest floor

Appearance: Giant African land snails can grow up to 12 cm in length and weight up to 600 g.  They can be identified by their mottled brown, conical-shaped shells which have vertical stripes and a yellow foot. 

Diet & Feeding: Leaf litter

Social Behaviour: Giant African land snails are nocturnal, moving around at night to feed. With the exception of mating, snails spend much of their time alone.

Males and females: The giant African land snails are hermaphrodite which means that they have both male and female the reproduction organs.

Number of young: They lay about 200 eggs.

Interesting fact: Giant African land snails  can drastically reduce its metabolism and survive for a few months or even a few years without food. 

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