KS 1, 2, 3, 4. First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 5- 14

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW:  What is a habitat? What types of habitat are there? Why do habitats matter? So many questions answered

​ZooLab’s Habitat workshop introduces pupils to different habitats from around the world; including tropical rainforests, deserts, polar regions and oceans. This hands-on workshop looks at three great survivors; rats, cockroaches and humans and considers how and why they have survived.

Key Workshop Objectives:

  • Define what a habitat is

  • Explain the needs of
    a successful habitat

  • Consider why different animals are best suited
    to certain habitats.

  • Explore different food chains

  • Identify habitats around
    the world

  • Consider the effects
    of habitat change

  • Discuss why animals adapt


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Animals often used in this workshop:


Animal requests will be accommodated where possible. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee attendance.

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What is a Habitat?

In its simplest definition, a habitat is a place where living things reside. Think deserts, rainforests, oceans...the list of Earth’s habitats goes on!

Within habitats there are microhabitats - the rainforest has a canopy, forest floor, stream etc. -  each of which has its own ecosystem and a variety of creatures that inhabit it.   

For a habitat to be effective it needs five very important things for its occupants to survive -
space, air, food, water and shelter.  In order to thrive in particular habitats, living things develop special adaptations. Changing or destroying a habitat can cause devastating effects on the animals and plants which live there


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