Heather joined ZooLab in 2010 and works in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas. 

Name: Heather Pearce

Licence Number: 19/00303/CP/AE

Experience: Heather has a National Diploma in Animal Management. She also spent two years volunteering overseas with various conservation projects and research organisations. 

About: “Working for ZooLab means every day is very different and extremely interesting. I also like working with a wide range of ages, and hearing the funny questions we get asked about the animals.

My favourite ZooLab animal is Terry, the giant African millipede. He loves to tickle peoples’ hands with all his legs during workshops and loves to eat melon and cucumber.”

Interesting Fact: Heather lived in South Africa for two years working with baboons, penguins and Vervet monkeys. While at the Vervet Monkey Foundation she lived in a tent for a over year!

0845 330 6322 

ZooLab UK Head Office: Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert, United Kingdom,  FK5 4EG