0845 330 6322 

ZooLab UK Head Office: Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert, United Kingdom,  FK5 4EG

Katie joined ZooLab in 2019 and works in Stansted  and the surrounding areas. 

Name: Katie West

License Number: 19/2937/PERFAN


Experience: Katie has just finished studying Media at college. However, she has always had a passion for animals and knew that her dream was to work with them.


About: “Working with ZooLab gives me the freedom to express myself creatively while working with the animals that I love.


My favourite ZooLab animal is the scorpion. They are unique and interesting - showing them to others at visits is fascinating as it is something that people don't see very often."  


Interesting Fact: Katie's passion for animals carries on into her free time - she breeds hamsters and pet sits for other animal lovers.