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Workshops (5-7 years)



EYFS, KS1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.


What better way to explore Africa than on a ZooLab safari! A ZooLab Ranger will take you on foot, jeep and kayak around Africa’s varied habitats. On our travels you will learn about the fantastic large creatures found in Africa and meet some smaller creatures that call this continent home.

MEG & MOG 2.jpg

Meg and Mog 

EYFS, KS1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.

A story-based active-learning workshop helps children develop independent thought processes as we follow an apprentice witch/wizard under the instruction of the famous Meg! They are in charge of magic-ing up a spread of tasty sweet treats for trick-or-treaters, however the spells don't quite go to plan... instead of toffee apples and chocolate frogs, exotic creatures are conjured in their place.


The Zoo on the Broom

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.

This Halloween, join ZooLab on a rhyming story adventure based on a well known children's classic! Follow our friendly witch Zog on her broomstick ride through towns, forests and bog. Along the way, her broom starts to resemble a zoo! Our helpful and kind witch offers a ride to a selection of amazing animal hitchhikers, who the children will get to meet! However - it's not all plain sailing. Will Zog’s journey end with a bump?!


Caring For Living Things

EYFS, KS1; Early Years, First Stage.Ages 5 - 7.


This show emphasises what we need do to care for living things and explores the diverse requirements of a range of animals in terms of shelter, warmth, food, water and protection. Using active learning techniques, building on prior knowledge this show is highly value driven in teaching respect for all living things.


Morpho the Munching Millipede

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.

This active-learning workshop based on a classic and much loved children’s picture book follows ‘Morpho the Munching Millipede’ as he travels through a week-long adventure, meeting a variety of exciting and awe-inspiring ZooLab animals. Through repetition, actions and participation, this workshop introduces concepts of literacy, numeracy and sharing as well as reinforcing healthy eating.


Zola the Kind-hearted Elf

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.

Join Zola the Elf on a wonderful Christmas adventure as we help her deliver presents to children all over the world. From Africa, to India and through America via Australia, we encounter a variety of fascinating creatures along the way! This is a special, festive workshop that focuses on the themes of selflessness, kindness, friendship and fun. Perfect for an end of term treat! As always, our presenters will attend in full festive costume!


Chinese New Year 

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.


Learn about Chinese New Year the ZooLab way! We bring some of the animals that feature on the Chinese calendar and you’ll also hear about the other ZooLab animals that didn’t make it across the river to be one of the select group. Linking to literacy skills, science and geographical knowledge, young children get to hear a story that illustrates that there is more than one way of looking at the world.



EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 5 - 7.

A special look at life cycles for younger children! We demonstrate how our special ZooLab animals deal with the changing of the seasons and what happens in springtime. In turn, we look at how each animal reproduces and prepares for the season ahead. Where possible, our presenters will try and bring you examples of eggs and baby animals. A great way to entertain and educate children at a special time of year!

Workshops (7 - 11 years)


Animals in Winter

EYFS, KS 1, 2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

This workshop looks at everything from hibernation to bird migrations and we discover how other animals and insects adapt to conditions and seek shelter. Pupils learn what they can do to help insects during the harsh winter period. We then look forward to springtime and the changes that the season brings.


Charles Darwin - The Voyage Of The Beagle

KS 1, 2; First Stage, Second Stage Ages 7 - 11.

Charles Darwin travelled from England, to South America, then to New Zealand, Australia, and finally Africa on the HMS Beagle. This fun and exciting voyage inspired Darwin and his theories. You’ll get to meet some of our extraordinary animals, similar to species Darwin himself saw and recorded. This is an excellent workshop for classes learning about historical figures, evolution, adaptations, geography, and habitats.



KS 1, 2, 3, 4; First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Evolution is the story of our planet and its inhabitants - how they have come to be; how they have changed, grown, multiplied and died over a 4 ½ billion yearlong drama! This workshop examines how ZooLab’s animals have evolved and explores the concepts of speciation, natural and sexual selection, adaptations and DNA. We take a look at the origins of life on Earth and explore how life has evolved in such diversity!


Nocturnal Animals

KS 1, 2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

This workshop gets children to think about their own eating and sleeping routines and explores how different animals operate their schedules based on their environment. We learn how they use their senses for protection and hunting and reveal how their schedules change based on safety and opportunity. You’ll also get hands-on and up-close with some ZooLab animals!



KS 1, 2, 3, 4. First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Nature is a carefully balanced ecosystem which supports a wide variety of life through it’s biodiversity. This workshop uses ZooLab animals to illustrate how animals effect and are affected by changes through habitat destruction, pesticides and illegal animal trade. We also look at the Rainforest, and highlight the diversity of arachnids, insects and amphibians.


Eco Investigators 

KS 1, 2, 3, 4; First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Linking to the schools 'Green Flag' initiative and global environmental concerns, Eco Investigators explores how informed personal choices as a consumer can protect animals, habitats and people all over the world. This workshop investigates issues of consumption, looks at alternatives and teaches us about recycling using practical examples from the animal and insect world.





How our Bodies Move 

EYFS, KS1; Early Years, First Stage. Ages 7 -11.

This show explores the anatomy of the human body, giving children an understanding of the biomechanics that make movement possible. We discover how muscles give us facial expression, enable digestion and how the heart keeps us alive. We then compare and contrast bone structure and movement in other vertebrates and invertebrates.


Seasonal Differences

EYFS, KS 1, 2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

This workshop covers the Earth’s tilt and how this causes the seasons.  We discuss the effect that they have on the plant and animal kingdom and how this changes their temperature and habitat. We address how animals adapt to the changing conditions and what we can do to prevent man-made changes in the seasons.


Build a Dinosaur

KS 1, 2, 3, 4. First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

ZooLab's animals provide some hands-on evolutionary clues as pupils get to see evolutionary changes and adaptations first hand. We investigate how animal senses and characteristics have developed and adapted over evolutionary time. This workshop combines scientific working and imagination and to uncover the big ideas of science and stimulate keen interest in young minds.


Endangered Animals

KS 1, 2, 3, 4; First, Second, Third, Fourth Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Many species of animals are dangerously close to vanishing forever. During this workshop pupils will learn the terminology of extinction and gain a practical knowledge through looking at the cases of dinosaurs and the dodo. We illustrate how the pace of extinction has quickened and discover what we can do to help.



EYFS, KS 1, 2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Designed to complement the curriculum topics of Animals Including Humans and Living Things And Their Habitats, this workshop uses ZooLab animals to discuss new life, growth, reproduction and ageing. There’s a particular focus on the metamorphosis of a butterfly and the various stages of its development. Some key vocabulary is introduced including ‘metamorphosis’, ‘larva’, ‘chrysalis’, ‘adult’ and ‘reproduce’.


The Bee Workshop

EYFS, KS 1, 2. Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 7 - 11.

Bees are beautiful, fascinating insects which are vital to a healthy environment. Our new workshop gives you the opportunity to get un-bee-lievably up-close with nature’s pollinating royalty! Children will learn about the importance of bees and what life in the hive is like. They will also be taught about the different types of bee and why pollination is so important to a healthy ecosystem. Please be aware that this workshops is only available in certain postcodes.


Anti Bullying.jpg

Anti Bullying

EYFS, KS 1, 2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 3 - 11.

We visit over 10,000 schools across the UK every year and have witnessed first-hand the devastating effects of bullying. This inspired us to work directly with PSHE teachers to create a story-based workshop that explores relationships, social conflict, diversity and feelings. We examine the issue of bullying, the motivations behind that behaviour and what can be done to help people suffering from bullying.


Road Safety

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First, Stage. Ages 3 - 7.

This story based workshop joins a class of extraordinary animals as they learn all about road safety.  Learn about Stop, Look, Listen and Think and the importance of finding the right place to cross the road. At the end of the workshop each participant will receive their ‘Road Safety Rat’ sticker. Of course, throughout the duration of the workshop your class will get to meet and handle a variety of wonderful ZooLab animals!


KS,1KS2; Early Years, First, Second Stage. Ages 5 - 11.

A recent survey found the average school child in the UK eats over three times the recommended daily sugar intake everyday!

Our new healthy eating based workshop aims to school your school on the sweet stuff! We encourage children to make better informed choices about what they put in their bodies whilst gaining an understanding of the health impacts that too much sugar can have.

N.B  This workshop does not feature animal handling.

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