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10 Fun Facts About Oceans

In celebration of ZooLab's new primary workshop, Oceans, we will look at ten interesting facts we've learned while researching our new script.

1) The ocean covers about 71% of the Earth’s surface.

2) The Pacific Ocean is the largest, covering 30% of the Earth’s surface and containing over half the world’s water. The Atlantic Ocean is the second largest ocean but is approximately half the size of the Pacific.

3) A blue whale tongue is heavier than an elephant - it weighs 2,449 kg

4) The Pacific Ocean is home to the “Ring of Fire” – an area which accounts for 75% of the world’s volcanic activity

5) The mid-oceanic ridge is the longest mountain range, at 65,000km

6) Coral reefs are like the ocean's rainforests– formed over millions of years from dead marine life and help keep the sea clean.

7) The Great Barrier Reef is about the size of Germany and is home to approximately 450 coral species and 1,500 fish species.

8) The average ocean depth is 2 miles, but the deepest trench is approximately 7 miles.

9) Spider crabs pick up and carry bits of rock, seaweed and shell to use as disguises.

10) The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is an accumulation of harmful plastics about the size of South Africa.

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