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5 Most Booked Workshops in May

Drum roll please! Our 5 most booked workshops during May were…

Animal Explorer

This age-inclusive workshop is a favourite within schools, clubs and museums. It's an informal session that introduces your group to a menagerie of mammals, insects, amphibians and arachnids. Do you think you will be brave enough to meet them all?

How slimy is a snail? Are tarantulas fluffy? Do snakes have bones? Get up-close and hands-on with our unique Animal Explorer workshop. This fun and interactive workshop is the perfect example of why ZooLab is WILD about animals.


Minibeasts have existed for around 550 million years and make up approximately 97% of creatures on Earth! In fact, the UK alone is home to 25,000 different species - these little creatures are quite a big deal. Let’s look at Minibeasts together!

During ZooLab’s workshop, children get a fun introduction to invertebrates and classification. They get to question, investigate and learn about scientific discovery. This workshop answers all the big questions such as - What do Minibeasts have inside them? Are there any similarities between our bodies and theirs?

Animal Therapy, Senses and Textures

Our most popular animal therapy session! Having a ZooLab animal therapy creates a ‘real buzz’, with plenty of personal interaction and everyone getting a chance to handle and learn more about animals that range from tree frogs to snakes to giant millipedes and African land snails. It is a great chance to hear tales of animal behaviour, discover new things and interact with a real animal expert and their animals.

Rainforest Discovery

Discover the Rainforest from the comfort of your classroom! Let ZooLab’s intrepid Ranger take your pupils on an exciting journey through this important ecosystem.

Learn about the layers of the rainforest while getting hands-on with our animal team members - find out why this is an ideal habitat and who eats what. Discover everything you ever wanted to know about life in the steamy tropics and why they are coming under threat.


There are millions of living things in the world! Scientists put living things into groups to make it easier to study and learn more about them.

During ZooLab’s ‘Classification’ workshop, we will explore different animals and learn how they are classed. This hands-on, animal-handling workshop experience brings pupils face to face with classification.

It is all part of an experiential and interactive learning experience in which introduces ZooLab animals that include vertebrates and invertebrates. Pupils explore different classes of animal so they can uncover their differences and similarities themselves.

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