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Let's Talk About: February

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

Goodbye Half Term, Hello Science Week! What a busy few weeks we have had, let's look back at the month of February.

New workshops!


Our new healthy eating based workshop aims to school your school on the sweet stuff! We encourage children to make better informed choices about what they put in their bodies whilst gaining an understanding of the health impacts that too much sugar can have.

N.B  This workshop does not feature animal handling.

Jane's Easter Egg

This egg-citing Easter storybook egg-stravaganza follows Jane on a chocolate egg hunt. Along the way, she spies a series of eggs - could they be her chocolate egg prize? Perhaps they belong to some of ZooLab’s amazing animal team?

Using story, rhyme and repetition, we reinforce key messages about sharing, friendship and most importantly protecting nature.

Meet our team members!

Our amazing team of ZooLab Rangers are what makes us the UK's #1 for ethical hands-on animal encounters. We thought you might like to meet them.

Introducing Lucy! You may have met her at Aberafan Shopping Centre last month.

Welcome to our new animal team mates!

Anya welcomed a few wriggly team mates! Meet Brock (with the badger-like markings) and his brother Vincent.

In addition, a new forest scorpion joined the team! Once Anya has sexed it she'll need name suggestions!


Smidge and Echo the cresties 💞


Lemonade has joined Abbie's team!


Lucy rescued this little newbie last weekend along with another corn.

Jazz, Tempo, Dixie and Viola. Lucy tried to get a photo of all four new newbies but mostly got outtakes 😂


Happy Retirement Fifi and Fumble


  • 40% of teachers believe STEM gender biases are already ingrained in pupils by the end of primary school (Accenture, 2018). We need to do more to nurture girls' love of STEM!

  • Spiders eat an estimated 400 -800 million tons of insects and inverts every year! Think how crowded your house would be without your friendly visitor. Check out Jessica’s blog on arachnophobia.

  • A can of coke contains your daily allowance of sugar in one can! Find out more about sugar, nutrition and healthy eating in our Sugar workshop!

Read all abou it!

Newbury Today, Snakes alive 'Care homes aren't all bingo and knitting'


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