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Let's Talk About: January

Updated: May 4, 2022

In January, we started fundraising for Operation Ocelot

Operation Ocelot is an initiative run by the World Land Trust and their patron Steve Backshall to help raise funds for Rainforest habitats in Brazil! The project supports the expansion of the Atlantic Forest Reserve by encouraging children (and adults) to measure their garden, playgroups or local greenspace and fundraise to protect the same amount of area in the Atlantic Forest.

What is ZooLab doing? ZooLab's team will be measuring their gardens to create their target and donating or fundraising for the same sized area in Guatemala. On top of this, ZooLab is donating £5 per customer who books a Rainforest workshop between January - March to Operation Ocelot.


ZooLab are recruiting!

Sales Advisor - Castlecary, North Lanarkshire -

Educational Presenters - Dartford | Bromley | Kent and surrounding areas; Romford and surrounding areas -


Meet our new animal team mates!

Baby Pip has recently joined Lottie's team, you'll spot her out on the road soon.

Jess's new Chilean rose tarantula is in need of a Harry Potter (she already has a Ginny and Molly). Comment below!

Meet our team members!

Chris joined ZooLab in 2012 and works in Cambridgeshire and the surrounding areas.

Licence Number: AW64

Interesting Fact: Chris has spent time living in rainforests all over the world and enjoy passing on the interesting stories about his adventures during workshops.


Read all about it!


Below are a selection of places that we will be working with in February, please check with each venue for times and ticket information.


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