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Let's talk about: October

We hope you had a lovely Halloween, we sure did! Halloween is one of our favourite (and busiest) times of year! 💀 Our witches and wizards spent October on the road with our fantastic animal team. If you spotted them, send us a picture before they disappear! 💥

What is new from ZooLab!

In October, we launched two new workshops - both are very different but equally amazing!

New to ZooLab’s PSHE offerings is Road Safety. This story based workshop joins a class of extraordinary animals as they learn all about road safety. Hear about Stop, Look, Listen and Think and the importance of finding the right place to cross the road.

Nature can be downright bizarre and sometimes even a little gruesome. Our new secondary school workshop Symbiosis is filled with real-world examples on the different ways that animals interact with one and other. The parasite images in the PowerPoint are sure to get pupils attention…

Meet our team members!

Our amazing team of ZooLab Rangers are what makes us the UK's #1 for ethical hands-on animal encounters which is why we thought might like to meet them.

Introducing...Ranger Sarah.

Welcome to our new animal team mates!

Hands up if you would like to meet Lauren's new fluff balls, Tauriel and Arwen! 🙌

Lauren's 2nd new addition is a little less fluffy! This is Pandora the salmon pink tarantula.

Here's Pickle, Becky's new Pac-Man frog.

Anya's welcomed two new team mates this month - a curly haired tarantula and albino Pac-Man frog.

Hetty, Katie's baby pygmy hedgehog! I don't know about you but we would risk the prickles for a cuddle!

Two new species of stick insects joined Eleanor's team. Check out those colours!

Prince has settled in well with Ranger Jess. He enjoys meeting new people on the road and playing hide and seek!

Enjoy your retirement!

Daisy rollin' into retirement! She is looking forward to spending her free time living the life of luxury with Ranger Lauren.

Find out more about ZooLab's animal retirement and welfare policies.

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Below are a selection of locations that we are visiting in November, please check with each venue for times and ticket information.

  • Ross and his animal team will be attending Craigmillar Library, Edinburgh family day on 16th Novemebr

  • Cheltenham Racecourse will be welcoming Domanique animal team on 17th November.

  • We are back at Rochdale Pioneers Museum on 23rd November

English Heritage

ZooLab will be visiting a number of English Heritage sites in October! We are excited to be preforming our custom Halloween session in the spectacular settings below.

Find us at:

  • Auldey End House and Gardens, 19th October - 3rd November

  • Beeston Castle, 26th October - 3rd November

  • Carisbrooke Castle, 26th October - 3rd November

  • Kenilworth Castle, 26th October - 3rd November

  • Pendennis Castle, 26th October - 3rd November

  • Warkworth Castle, 26th October -3rd November

  • Witley Court and Garden, 26th October -3rd November