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The Markup Assistant makes setting up a new CAD model and using Markup even easier. Just click the Import Markup tab on the ribbon, and select a file from your computer.The Markup Assistant can also auto-open files for editing when you add annotations. It also generates basic drawings so that your edits are reflected in the next view, which makes it easy to capture initial thoughts.Improvements to the AutoCAD Experience:Powerful new visual styles, including a new color-blind-friendly mode.Faster, more accurate navigation using the new Visual Navigation panel.AutoCAD provides better support for MS Word and Excel. The Office Integration Wizard for AutoCAD will now import Word and Excel documents directly into your drawings.Significantly better extensibility of the OpenDocument format. This new extensibility is available through the new PivotTable and PivotChart functionality, as well as with the improved support for CSV and Excel spreadsheets.New Quick Navigation Panel:The New Quick Navigation Panel provides quick access to commands and features for use in the ribbon or on the command bar. You can also use the Quick Navigation Panel to navigate the user interface.Keyboard Shortcuts:A new context-sensitive keyboard shortcut provides easy access to commonly used commands. For example, you can use "VK": to insert a text box, "SL": to select the anchor point of a dashed or dotted line, "SZ": to shrink an object, "SA": to select the anchor point of an arc, or "SI": to select the anchor point of a circle. You can also use "A": to activate a menu, "B": to select an object from the command bar, "Z": to zoom, "X": to move the insertion point, "Q": to exit the insert tool, and "R": to go back to the main menu.Improved Geometry Engine:The Geometry Engine can now work with floating point numbers and have precalculated intermediate results. This results in more accurate calculations for more dimensions and points.Support for Infinite Precision and Numerical Accuracy:The new Precision Settings include options for infinite precision and numerical accuracy. Infinite precision lets you enter the most precise number or symbol you know, and numerical accuracy lets you keep the precision that you know will allow the CAD engine to compute the exact 2be273e24d