Name: Rabbit 

Scientific Name: Sylvilagus

Class: Mammal

Threats: Myxomatosis

Distribution: Europe. Introduced to Australia and New Zealand

Habitat: Short grasslands with loose soils

Appearance: Small mammals with long ears and a fluffy tail. Rabbits have two pairs of sharp incisors  

Diet & Feeding: A balanced diet includes lots of hay (80-90% of diet) and a small amount of fruit and veg

Social Behaviour: Rabbits are highly social! To keep them happy in captivity, they should be kept in pairs or groups

Males and females: Female rabbits tend to be larger than males with rounder faces

Lifespan: 9 years

Number of young: 1-14 

Interesting fact: Rabbits can't vomit - their body is physically incapable of it!

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