Ross joined ZooLab in 2005
and works in Fife and
the surrounding areas. 

Name: Ross Muir

Experience: Ross has worked as a ZooLab Ranger for 14 years and is one of our most experienced presenters. He has a genuine love for all animals which is evident in his presenting style. 

About: “I am extremely passionate about conservation and animal habitat protection. Education is the best way to combat this and I feel like I’m making a real difference through ZooLab by teaching through play and drama workshops. 

I love all my ZooLab animals and honestly can’t pick just one - from the cockroaches, to my tree frog, they are all my best friends.”

Interesting Fact: Ross is an expert on healthy eating and a champion of ZooLab’s ‘Junkfood Roadshow’. He loves to educate people on the dangers of junk food and the merits of eating healthily.

0845 330 6322 

ZooLab UK Head Office: Torwood Garden Centre, Larbert, United Kingdom,  FK5 4EG