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Charlotte Heapes

ZooLab Ranger

Charlotte joined ZooLab in 2023 and works in Sutton and the surrounding areas.

Licence Number: 23/01037/PERAN

Experience: Charlotte has been a dog behaviour trainer for over 15 years, teaching family pets and even training service dogs. Our ZooLab animals will be playing fetch in no time!

About: “I love working with animals. My previous job as a dog trainer has taught me lots of skills about working with animals and educating the public. Working for ZooLab gives me the chance to combine these skills with a whole different group of animals!

My favourite animal has to be my tarantula, Tilly. She’s super fluffy and very friendly."

Interesting Fact: Hola perrito! Charlotte lived in Spain for 3 years, helping rehabilitate dogs into good homes. Viva españa!

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