Elle Ayrton

ZooLab Ranger

Elle joined ZooLab in 2022 and works in London and the South East areas.


Licence Number: PENDING Experience: Elle’s been a teacher and senior leader in Primary schools for 9 years. During this time, she learnt lots of tips for engaging people in learning and making information engaging. She’s always loved animals and had a wide variety of pets over the years. In 2021 Elle started volunteering  at a local zoo where she gained amazing hands on experiences on how to care for exotic animals.


About: “My favourite element of working for ZooLab is seeing those WOW moments and giving people strange and wonderful facts. I’m so excited  to be working with animals everyday. 


My favourite  animal is the giant African Millipedes. I think they look really cute when they uncurl from their coil and start searching their environment.  The feeling of their legs is wonderful, it's very relaxing and therapeutic.”


Interesting Fact: Elle has a big interest in Japanese culture and has been learning to read and speak Japanese since 2020. She is looking forward to being able to travel around Japan in the future.