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Ellie Askey

ZooLab Ranger

Ellie joined ZooLab in 2023 and works in Solihull and the surrounding areas.

Licence Number: 23/02057/ALACT

Experience: As a young teen, Ellie studied animal care and management at Solihull College, and worked in lots of aquatic stores across Sydney Australia. She's also helped volunteer at different animal rescues. 

About: “I lived in Hong Kong and Australia over a 10 year period as a child, so I grew up around a lot of aggressive animals. I went through thorough training at school about how to deal with dangerous animals.”

“My favourite ZooLab animal is the rats as they are so misunderstood and actually make amazing pets. They bond with their owners like dogs and beg for attention!”

Interesting Fact: Ellie has a passion for scuba diving, exploring/saving coral reefs and keeping exotic fish as pets. She even had a pet venomous lion fish!

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