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Georgie Jefferies

ZooLab Ranger

Georgie joined ZooLab in 2013 and works in Wiltshire and the surrounding areas.


Licence Number: LN/000016297

Experience: Georgie has a BSc (HONS) degree in Animal Science and Management. She has travelled to Trinidad and South Africa with ZooLab and uses this knowledge to inform her workshops.

About: “I am passionate about animals and nature and believe that to protect the environment we need to learn about it and to love it.

My favourite ZooLab animal is Lord Voldemort, my emperor scorpion. He has a dangerous sting and many eyes which allow him to see other scorpions glowing green at night time!”

Interesting Fact: Georgie spent three years as the editor of the International Turaco Society. It aims to research and promote good husbandry practices and support conservation projects that have an impact on wild populations around the world.

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