Natalie Day

ZooLab Ranger

Natalie joined ZooLab in 2022 and works in Lanarkshire and surrounding areas.


Experience: Natalie has an HND in animal care, and is working towards gaining a degree in wildlife conservation.

About: “I have previously worked at the SSPCA as a Wildlife Driver, collecting sick and injured wildlife and transporting them to the Wildlife Rescue Centre. I have been lucky enough to work with many different species, my favourite being able to work with and train California sea lions.


I wanted to work at ZooLab as I love educating people about exotic animal species. My favourite ZooLab animal is the white’s tree frog. They are super friendly, really calm and have great personalities! A great wee animal!”

Interesting Fact: In Natalie's house there are a lot of animals – along side her ZooLab menagerie, she currently has a bulldog, a cat, leopard geckos, cold water fish, harvest mice and Foster rabbits.