Name: Horsfield tortoise

Scientific Name: Agrionemys horsfieldii

Class: Reptilia  

Threats: Wild caught pet trade

Distribution: Central Asia

Habitat: Steppes and dry hillside, some montane regions and deserts

Appearance: Horsfield's are a small species of tortoise with four toes on their front legs (unusual for a tortoise). Colouring varies from a yellow brown to light brown

Diet & Feeding: Vegetation, including leafy greens, are a favourite for this species

Social Behaviour: Horsfield tortoises are solitary creatures - however, they are super friendly and in captivity will seek attention from their humans

Males and females: The shape of Horsfield tortoise body is roughly the same regardless of gender. Mature males are slightly smaller than females. The main difference between sexes is the shape of the tail - female's have a short, wedge shaped tail whereas a male's is long and pointy 

Lifespan: 50 - 100 years

Number of young: 2 - 6

Interesting fact: Horsfield's continue growing until they are 30 years old