Tristan joined ZooLab in 2005 and works in Lockerbie and the surrounding areas. 

Name: Tristan Bruce

Experience: Tristan is one of our most experienced rangers with over twenty-five years experience keeping and breeding reptiles.

About: “I love working for ZooLab! It is amazing working with awesome animals and getting to teach people about why their so special.

Ah man that’s like asking which one of your children is your favourite! I would have to say My favourite ZooLab animal is either Hector my royal python or Tinkerbell the salmon pink bird eating spider.”

Interesting Fact: Tristan has travelled the world learning about different exotic animals in the wild. From seeing circling codors in  the Grand Canyon to being within touching distance of a nesting, leatherback turtle on Maracas beach in Trinidad. He’s even lived in the rainforest! 

0845 330 6322 

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