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KS1, KS2. First Stage, Second Stage.

Ages 5 - 11

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: We follow the story of Boogie the rat - the school bully. 


Throughout the week Boogie is nasty to his classmates but there is a twist in the tale – we start to find out why Boogie is a bully. 


The point of this story isn’t to tell you that Boogie is a bad individual and he’s horrible all the time. It’s to tell you just how easy it is to become a bully yourself. 

Animals used in this workshop

Key Workshop Objectives

  • Establish that bullying is a constant choice, rather than something people are born to

  • Discuss the motivations that can lead to bullying

  • Compare links between the animal world and bullying

  • Recommend what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied

  • Encourage listening, participation and imagination

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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This workshop includes FREE RESOURCES!