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Morpho the Munching Millipede

Morpho the Munching Millipede

EYFS, KS 1. Early Years, First Stage.

Ages 3 - 7

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins


OVERVIEW: ‘Morpho the Munching Millipede’ travels through a week-long adventure, meeting a variety of exciting and awe-inspiring ZooLab animals.


Through repetition, actions and participation, this workshop introduces concepts of literacy, numeracy and sharing as well as reinforcing healthy eating. 

Animals used in this workshop

Key Workshop Objectives

  • Discuss the characteristics of ZooLab’s animals

  • Encourage listening, participation, counting and movement

  • Learn the days of the week

  • Explore what animals eat

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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This workshop includes FREE RESOURCES!