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We're Going on an Animal Hunt (EYFS)

We're Going on an Animal Hunt (EYFS)

EYFS, KS 1, Early Years, First Stage.

Ages 3 - 7

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: Get your walking boots on! This story-based workshop based on a classic children’s book takes children on a fantastic animal hunt!

Their ZooLab presenter will take them through grass, a river, mud, a forest and a snowstorm before coming face to face with an array of amazing ZooLab animals!

Using animals, songs and rhymes helps promote language, physical, social and emotional development.

Animals used in this workshop

Key Workshop Objectives

  • Explore habitats and a series of micro-habitats

  • Identify characteristics of ZooLab’s animals

  • Encourage listening, participation and imagination

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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This workshop includes FREE RESOURCES!