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Corn snake

Pantherophis guttatus

Classification: Reptile

Lifespan: 6 - 8 years

Threats: Habitat destruction and accidental killing

Distribution: North America

Habitat: Forests, rocky grassland and abandoned buildings

Appearance: They have slender body that can reach 24 to 72 inches in length and are usually orange or dark yellow in colour

Diet & Feeding: Corn snakes primarily eat rodents. They are constrictor snakes, meaning that they catch their prey and squeeze it

Social Behaviour: They are calm, docile and they enjoy being handled

Males and females: Differences between male and females are often extremely subtle

Number of young: 12 - 24 eggs

Interesting fact: The colour depends on their habitat as it provides camouflage. The belly of a corn snake looks like a kernel of Indian corn, hence the name

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