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I’m Pia!

My name means ‘beloved’. I’m from the arid, rocky grasslands of South Asia.


I’m easy going and friendly.

These little lizards are charming and easy to care for.

But I talk a lot!

Leopard geckos make sounds. It makes a squeaking noise when it’s happy, but when it’s unhappy, scared, or hungry you’ll hear a bird-like chirp.


I can adapt to any situation

A Leopard gecko’s tail detaches if it’s bitten or caught on something. This allows the animal to get away from danger quickly. The tail is also stores fat which can be used as food.

I don’t like the outdoors!

Leopard Geckos are not good climbers - other geckos have sticky pads on their feet so they can climb a variety of surfaces, but Leopard Geckos don’t and instead have small claws.

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