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Greenwich Theatre

Greenwich Theatre




Greenwich, London



The outside frontage of the Greenwich Theatre

Greenwich Theatre is one of London’s premiere Off-West End theatres, presenting a year-round programme of drama, music theatre, family shows and pantomime.


Greenwich Theatre wanted to create a unique experiential experience which involved the theatre show Animals! and live animal handling.

Fun and interactive, Animals! is an empowering and uplifting performance about animals, humans and nature. 

Like ZooLab, it celebrates the amazing wildlife around us, which is why our animal handling workshops were an ideal addition to the day.

The cast of the stage show Animals! in costume.
A group of flyers for the stage show Animals!


Animals! is an interactive and uplifting show, and we wanted to replicate this in our sessions. We held sessions before the performance giving families the chance to encounter real life animals. This helped excite them for the theatre show. 

It was a great opportunity for families to have a unique experiential day out which involved Animals! on stage and our ZooLab animals which the public could get up-close and hands on-with. 


A young girl holds a leopard gecko with a ZooLab Ranger.

"The session was a huge success. The animals really helped bring the story to life and gave our visitors an experience they are unlikely to forget”

ZooLab Ranger Phil and a group of excited girls get to grips with a corn snake at Greenwich Theatre.

Get up-close and hands-on

We provided entertaining and informative encounter experiences, whilst touching on some of the important things these animals can do to help our planet. These themes helped relate our exotic handling session back to the stage show. 


Our workshop enhanced the nature theme

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ZooLab's ethos is to educate, amaze and inspire through ethical animal encounters.

Our exotic animals were an ideal accompaniment to the play's themes of ecology and habitat conservation, as well as being a crowd pleaser. 

Our sessions were fully booked!

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Over the course of the day, we delivered a mix of timed sessions and a drop-in session.

Word of mouth ensured that both our sessions were fully booked, with families attending before and after the performance.

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