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The Natural History Museum


London Museums




South Kensington, London


Opened in 1881, this world-class visitor attraction has over 80 million objects and welcomes over five million visitors a year. The Natural History Museum encourages learning through discovery of their unique collections and the natural world.

Close up of dinosaur ribs and vertebrae at the Natural History Museum


We regularly work with the NHM on many of their existing events, such as opening parties for new exhibits, the Dinosnores events, Valentine's Day, New Years, Halloween etc.


The museum wanted to capitalise on the success of these events and introduce ZooLab shows during their busy holiday schedule. 

The museum has an extensive collection of taxidermy, fossils, skeletons as well as the everchanging, interactive exhibitions. ZooLab’s animal handling encounters are able to give visitors an added dimension to their exploration into the natural world.

Close up of T-rex teeth at the Natural History Museum
25 metre-long blue whale skeleton hanging in the Natural History Museum


The name Dinosaur means 'terrible lizard' and everything we know about them has been pieced together by digging up fossils and bones from millions of years ago. With this in mind, we designed a show linking our exotic creatures to the dinosaurs found in the Natural History Museum. 


Our bespoke workshop travelled back in time to the Jurassic period to compare some of the dinosaurs to their evolutionary cousins – our ZooLab animals.

Giant African land snail

"We’ve been working with ZooLab for years! It’s really important to improve engagement and get more families involved in these events. "

A young family get up-close and personal with ZooLab's leopard gecko.

Get up-close and hands-on

A pair of Madagascan hissing cockroaches

Within the Natural History Museum, the Flett Theatre is a 180 seat lecture venue used for performances and lectures.


Due to the popularity of our sell-out sessions in February, the museum added extra sessions the following month; 4 shows each day in April.

"ZooLab is an amazing way to interact with the children! It’s a great way to bring the museum collections to life!"

A young man holds a giant African millipede in the Natural History Museum.


We entertained over 300 people a day.

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Over two days in February 2023, we performed to 618 people and allowed each one to get up-close and hands-on with our animals.

We received 
amazing visitor feedback.

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The response has been overwhelmingly positive. According to the Natural History Museum, 96.5% agreed that they ‘enjoyed’ their ZooLab session. 

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