Phil joined ZooLab in 2014 and works in London and the surrounding areas. 

Name:  Phillip Burnett

Licence Number: AWL29004

Experience: Phil has a BSc (HONS) degree in Zoology. He also has lots of experience volunteering around the world in scientific
research and conservation work.

About: “I love this job because it involves working with children whose perceptions of these animals can be set straight from the start and hopefully we’ll create some future zoologist and biologists along the way!

My favourite ZooLab animal is my snake, Slinky. I’m massively into tank design and creating life like jungle environments so Slinky is very grateful!”

Interesting Fact: Phil was a cheerleader for 4-years through his university degree.  Give us a ‘Z’! Give us an ‘O’!  Give us an ‘O’! Give us a... well, you get the picture.

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