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Are Snails Hermaphrodites?... And Other Questions

Updated: May 25, 2023

In this series, we will be answering some of the most common questions asked about our animal team. This month, we are looking at snails!


Where are giant African land snails from?

Originally, East Africa! However, giant African land snail's are highly invasive and have been accidentally or deliberately introduced in every continent except Antarctica.

What is a giant African land snail's habitat in the wild?

Forest floors, farms, coastal regions, urban areas and wetland.

What should I feed a giant African land snail?

Your snail should be fed every couple of days on a diet of cucumber, lettuce, peppers, pear, apple, carrot, spinach and plum. The occasional cuttlefish bone will also provide calcium.

What is the size of a giant African land snail?

Normally about 20cm but can grow as large as 40cm.

Is a giant African land snail a mammal?

No, snails are part of a family of invertebrate called mollusca!

Snails and slugs fall under the class gastropoda. Gastropods are one of the few groups that successfully inhabitant land, sea and fresh water.

What is a giant African land snail lifespan?

Average: 5-10 years but can live up to 20.

Are garden snails nocturnal?

Yes, land snails are nocturnal. However, most will come out when it is raining as snails need moisture to survive.

Do giant African land snails hibernate?

In the wild, land snails hibernate or aestivation when the environment is no longer suitable (i.e when the weather is too cold or too hot).

If your pet land snails starts to hibernate, check the temperature and humidity.

When do giant African land snails lay eggs?

Around 6 months' old. Giant African land snails can lay 200 eggs! Baby snails

are born with a soft shell.

Are African land snails hermaphrodites?

Snails are both male and female and are called HERMAPHRODITES. They are capable of producing both eggs and sperm.


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