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Buzz into Action! Help Save the Bees.

Updated: Mar 3, 2022

The world right now is surreal - things have changed very quickly and over a short space of time we have had to adapt our lives to ensure we are keeping people safe. Our lives are now simple, some would say we are living like we have gone back in time.

The actions of humans adjusting their lives to be based at home is proving to have a big impact on many animal species. Towns and cities all over the world are now ghost towns due to people abiding by lockdown rules. Less cars are on the roads; parks, pubs and restaurants are closed - this has allowed nature to reclaim areas that would otherwise be a no-go for many species: wild boar can be seen in towns across Europe, dolphins and seals are being seen in city rivers and the more unusual garden bird species are suddenly becoming regulars in many urban settings.

It is predicted by Europe's biggest wild plant conservation charity, Plantlife, that Covid-19 will have a positive impact on UK bee species. Why? Councils are currently not cutting roadside verges or grassy town areas allowing wildflowers to grow. These have the potential to be conservation areas, however are normally undermined each spring by local councils when roadsides are mowed.

The respite for these mini-meadows is likely to lead to an explosion of colour in the countryside this summer and bring benefits to other pollinators including butterflies, birds and bats.


Why are bees important?