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  • Elle at ZooLab

Choose ZooLab for National Curriculum Enrichment

Hi! My name is Elle. I'm a ZooLab Ranger in the South East of England. I came to ZooLab after working in an education setting for nine years. I'm excited to share why our work is essential for others in education.

Here at ZooLab, we have carefully tailored our fun and engaging workshops to coincide with the National Curriculum. Let's take a closer look at some of our sessions as examples of how we can help you meet curriculum coverage through enriching hands-on experiences.

Workshop: Predators, Prey and Food Chains

This workshop encourages children to categorize animals into two groups: predators and prey. We discuss how some can fall into both categories and why this is. From here, we look at simple food chains starting with producers and ending at tertiary consumers. At each stage, we welcome our ZooLab animal team to reinforce the information we are discussing. This topic is taught within the Key Stage 2 science curriculum but adapted across Primary education.

So how does this workshop enrich the curriculum?