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Key Dates For Your Diary

Grab your pen or open your online planner; here are a few themed dates to help inspire your activities for winter/spring 2023!

Happy New Year, we hope you had a relaxing time off. If you are like us, January prompts organisation and planning for the months ahead. To help, we have put together a few dates to remember before the end of April.


Chinese New Year - 22nd January

Whilst we can't promise any tigers, we bring some of the animals that feature in the Chinese New Year tale and you’ll also hear about the other ZooLab animals that didn’t make it across the river to be one of the select group.

Storytelling Week - 30th January - 6th February

As you would expect from ZooLab, we love using storytelling to fire children’s imagination, confidence and love of the written and spoken word. See our wide selection of in house stories.

Children's Mental Health Week - 6th - 12th February

We all know that spending time with animals is an excellent way of alleviating day to day stress and anxiety. Ask us about our Stress Buster workshops.

Darwin Day - 12th February

Charles Darwin travelled from England, to South America, then to New Zealand, Australia, and finally Africa on the HMS Beagle. Did you know that ZooLab offer a workshop dedicated to the naturalist?

World Wildlife Day - 3rd March

Nature is a carefully balanced ecosystem that supports a wide variety of life through its biodiversity. However, sometimes it needs a little bit of support. 2023 theme is Partnerships for Wildlife Conservation'.

Science Week - 10th - 19th March

It is nearly our favourite time of year! British Science Week is a chance for us to visit schools across the UK and celebrate science using fascinating, entertaining and engaging animal handling workshops.

Easter - 9th April

Ask us about our Easter workshop Jane's Egg. This lifecycle storybook egg-stravaganza follows Jane on an egg hunt. What ZooLab animals will she meet along the way?

Earth Day - 22nd April

This year’s theme is 'Invest in our planet'. Climate issues need targeted head-on; we need to work together to find a solution and protect our planet for generations to come.

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