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  • Sarah at ZooLab

Let's Talk About: June + A ZooLab Update

Updated: May 4, 2022

Hello, It has been a while since we posted a monthly update! So much has happened since September and our team has been extremely busy. We would like to say...


Since the country started to re-open, our diaries have been filling up fast. In fact, in most areas of the UK our in person diaries are fully booked until August.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us continue! Six months ago, we wouldn’t have believed you if you told us that we would be in this position. We are sorry that we can’t accommodate all bookings between now and the end of July but hope to see you from August onwards.



While ZooLab is still unable to physically visit Scotland, NI and parts of Wales, we have worked hard to ensure that our digital sessions and resources meet your learning goals to ensure your group doesn't miss out.