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Mission: Sustainability! Find out how you can take part.

ZooLab has teamed up with TSL to present an International Sustainability Challenge video competition.

‘My Local Sustainability Challenges’ puts you in the global newsroom, reporting on challenges facing you where you live! The competition is open to learners throughout the globe, giving everyone a platform to get their voices heard.

Whether it’s the loss of local wildlife populations, pollution and climate change impacts, lack of sustainable consumer choices, loss of greenspace, hard-to-find recycling points, or you want more sustainability education- we want to hear from you!

It sounds awesome! What do I need to do?

Create a short video of up to 3 minutes, either as an individual or a group, exploring ‘My local sustainability challenges! The broad topic allows you to explore issues and solutions no matter where you are in the world.

Within those 3 minutes, your video should:

  • Introduce yourself and your location/area

  • Identify the sustainability challenge being faced

  • Explore the impacts

  • Investigate solutions being actioned or suggest your own!

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