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Not So Scary Animals: Katsaridaphobia

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

At ZooLab, our Rangers meet people of all ages with phobias of one or more of our creatures. Over the next few months, Jessica will examine the most common animal fears that we encounter to debunk myths and help you see our extraordinary creatures in a whole new light.

How to help someone with a phobia?

If you don’t share a phobia with someone, it can be difficult and sometimes challenging to understand their fear. The charity Mind says that the biggest way that you can help someone with a phobia is to be understanding and take it seriously - the phobia may seem irrational but the fear they feel is very, very real. Conduct research to find out more about the phobia, be an ear to chat to and find out what helps them. Most importantly, don’t push them into a situation that triggers their phobia or makes it worse.

This month's phobia: Katsaridaphobia