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Welcome Back and Happy New Term!

Welcome back! How was your break? We hope you had a relaxing time. Our animal team have been asking for you; they can’t wait to amaze and inspire your class!

Remember, we have workshops for every pupil group designed to meet cross-curricular outcomes. Our diaries are filling up - to avoid missing out on a face-to-face or digital session; please get in touch to book.

Below are a few key dates for your diary for the rest of 2022.



September is World Clean Up Month, and on the 17th of September, World Clean Up Day takes place. As part of World Clean-up Day 2022, we’re leading by example; we’ll be cleaning up the area around ZooLab HQ, and all our ZooLab Rangers across the UK will join the effort too!


A busy month! Grab a space in our diary for World Animal Day (4th), Space Week (4th - 10th), World Mental Health Day (10th) and Halloween.

ZooLab's Stress Buster was created with mindfulness at its core and is the perfect addition to Mental Health Day. What advice can our animal teammates give you - meet the master of spider diagrams and a true survivor (just like you).

Ask us about our Halloween workshops: Meg and Mog, Zoo on The Broom and The Creepy Crawly Show.


Leaders worldwide will meet in Egypt to discuss climate issues for COP27, 6th -18th November.

We recommend ZooLab Environment Time Machine, an interactive interface that travels through time, looking at climate data. What animals have become extinct? What problems is the planet facing? We compare data from different eras to form a direct comparison between human behaviour and climate change.


It's finally time for end-of-term treats and Christmas parties! Unwrap a ZooLab festive adventure! Our elves are on hand to add a dash of seasonal magic to your entertainment during the Christmas party season – whether it's an end-of-term celebration or a themed workshop. Wherever you are in the country, ZooLab's animals are excited to help spread Christmas cheer!

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