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Climate Crusaders

KS2, KS3, KS4 and 1-4th Stage 

Ages 8 - 16

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: Linking to sustainability, Climate Crusaders examines how informed choices can protect the world's inhabitants and habitats now and for the future.

This workshop is all about balance and what happens when it's disrupted. We touch on habitat destruction, sustaining ecosystems, global warming, and pollution effects. Our animal team helps highlight the importance of biodiversity and insects and teaches us about recycling using practical examples from the natural world.


Learning Outcomes

  • All children will recognise that the environment is changing, and sustainable action is needed.

  • All children will be able to talk about ways we can help the environment.

  • Most children will be able to explain the impact the changing environment has on wildlife.

  • Some children will be able to use their knowledge to predict the impact of climate change.

You'll get to meet some of these animals:

Coming Autumn 2025:

Free pre-lesson resources and teaching packs!

Free printable educational resource pack
Free printable educational resource pack

"Phillip's manner with the children was truly commendable. He effortlessly engaged them and managed their behaviour with such ease.“

The William Hogarth School


What is sustainability?

Sustainability is all about taking care of the world we live in and keeping it safe for future generations. For something to be sustainable, it has to meet our needs now without compromising future environment, economics or humanity. It's a careful balancing act to maintain resources and avoid harm.

We often think of sustainability from the perspective of climate change and environmental issues, however considering the three pillars opens up the discussion and facilitates a global conversation with key experts from different fields.  

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

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Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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