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How Our Bodies Move

KS 1, 2; First, Second Stage. 

Ages 5 - 11

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins

OVERVIEW: This show explores the anatomy of the human body, giving children an understanding of the biomechanics that make movement possible.

We discover how muscles give us facial expression, enable digestion and how the heart keeps us alive. We then compare and contrast bone structure and movement in other vertebrates and invertebrates.


Learning Outcomes

  • All children will understand that muscles and bones work together to move our bodies.

  • Most children will be understand that some animals don’t have bones and move using muscles.

  • Some children will be able to explain how muscles and bones work together to help animals move.

You'll get to meet some of these animals:

Coming Autumn 2025:

Free pre-lesson resources and teaching packs!

Free printable educational resource pack
Free printable educational resource pack

"Ellie tailored her session to focus on Biomechanics whilst delivering excellent facts about the animals. She taught the children new vocabulary (herbivore/carnivore)."

Sidney Stringer Primary School


What is biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the study of bodily structure, function and mechanics! Bio means life and mechanics relates to how force equates to movement.


Biomechanics examines force exerted by muscles and how it acts with our bones to produce motion. In essence, it examines how living things move.

What happens when an animal has no bones? Let’s take a snail for example. A snail’s foot is made up of strong muscles which operate in a wave motion pushing the snail forward. If you place the snail on a piece of glass, you can clearly see the wave motion of the snail’s muscles moving.

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

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Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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