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Senses & Textures

EYFS, KS 1; Early Years, First Stage KS 1.

Ages 3 - 7

DURATION: 45 mins - 55 mins


OVERVIEW:  Humans have five senses; sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. Do our ZooLab animals have the same senses? How do their senses help them live in their habitats?


Pupils make hands-on discoveries of textures and senses in an animal handling experience that is suitable for everyone from new intake to SEN classes.


Learning Outcomes

  • All children will be able to talk about how we use our senses.

  • Most children will be able to use observation skills to theorise how the animals use senses.

  • Some children will be able to explain that some animals rely on their senses differently to us.

You'll get to meet some of these animals:

Coming Autumn 2025:

Free pre-lesson resources and teaching packs!

Free printable educational resource pack
Free printable educational resource pack

"Phillip's ability to tailor his narrative to each class's science topic enhanced their understanding of the subject matter."

The William Hogarth School


What are senses?

Senses are how our bodies perceive an external stimulus. Humans have five basic senses - sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. The information gathered from the associated organ is sent to the brain to help us understand our environment and the world around us.

Our bodies are amazing! Did you know that it is thought that we could have around 21 senses? These include proprioception (space perception), equilibrioception (balance) and thermoception (temperature). Animals use senses to help them navigate their habitats. The use of senses differ between species to suit the environment that they are in - some rely on some senses more than others or have unique senses like the ability to see infrared and electric fields (how cool is that!?)

Curriculum Outcomes England & Wales

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Curriculum Outcomes Scotland

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Meet the gang!
A little girl sits crosslegged whilst surrounded by ZooLab's animal characters

Our ZooLab characters are excited to meet you!

Meet the animals
Giant African land snail

Get in the know before getting up-close and hands-on

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ZooLab Ranger Eleanor
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